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  • The workshop really motivated to me to learn more about the test for both my students and myself.
  • I would like to participate in the workshop again as this contains a lot of information.
  • The workshop helps me to think how to plan activities for my students.
  • Activities book is a great source.
  • The way the facilitators conducted workshop also gave me a good insight in terms of how English teachers should conduct classes in English.
  • This was a really informative workshop on the TOEFL exam and how to teach for it in the classroom.
  • Scoring part of the workshop was really useful.
  • A very useful, helpful seminar. I can use many of the activities, ideas discussed.
  • It was a good chance to review TOEFL iBT and to share different ideas with other teachers.
  • The workshop deepen my understanding of TOEFL, and I will try teaching method of Writing/Reading.